Dance + Movement

My Dance story

Dance and creative movement have always been a part of my life.  As a young child I remember feeling so free & empowered by dancing.  As I was growing up  I took lessons in Jazz, Ballet, Belly Dance, Irish dance, Contemporary & Creative Movement.  I loved learning the technique & lines of the body from my Ballet & Jazz classes while the free movement that was encouraged in Creative & Contemporary classes was a strong avenue for expression for me.

Having spent time training & working in the professional dance industry I always had a problem with the mentality & energy associated with that environment. There was (& still is) so much competitiveness, bullying & mental health instability. I found that I was surrounded by people who claimed to love dancing but were doing so in such a toxic atmosphere that I personally felt any love or enjoyment was cancelled out.

What I offer-

I now design contemporary dance & creative movement workshops for adults. These sessions provide the opportunity to dance, move & be freely expressive. Whilst some technique is taught, as it is an important element of dance, I teach these workshops in a way that allows for plenty of creative personal expression in a non-judge-mental & safe environment.

These workshops are a fantastic way of allowing many adults the chance to reconnect with their own inner creativity & joy.
Dancers/movers of all abilities & experience are welcome & catered for.

Would you like to know more about having me host a contemporary dance or creative movement workshop at your group, business or venue?

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