Hi, I’m Hanna,

I’m an optimist, yoga student & teacher, dancer, artist, writer, mother & dreamer who currently lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Having always had a fascination with understanding life & finding happiness, Hanna Campbell Creative was born out of a desire to share the things I do & I hope, inspire others too.

Growing up in Central Victoria, I graduated High School & enrolled myself in a year long performing arts course at Patrick Studios Australia in 2009.  I moved to London in 2010 and worked on & off as an independent dancer (in between ALL sorts of other jobs) over the next few years before qualifying as a fitness instructor in 2013. 

Working in the fitness industry got me curious about yoga which led me to travel to India to study the practice myself in 2014.  I began teaching yoga classes later that year & alongside continuous study & self-practice I created a very happy & balanced career for myself.  I qualified as a holistic massage therapist in 2016 before returning to India in 2017 to undertake more advanced yoga training.

Since then, I have begun writing a blog & creating artwork (both outlets I practiced during school years but felt I never had the time or energy to really invest anything into) which are now both a part of my daily life.

I feel incredibly lucky to have spent time living in the UK, Spain, Canada & the Greek Islands over the last 10 years. I’m also incredibly grateful  to have been able to make the move to Australia with my partner & son at the beginning of 2020.  For now, this is home & where I’ll be creatively expressing my art, writing, yoga & dance/movement classes.
I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.


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